My Manifesto 2016 – A Safer Dyfed Powys

I want to make Dyfed Powys even safer. Over the last 4 years I have put more officers on our rural beats for more hours every day. Crime and antisocial behaviour have fallen faster in Dyfed Powys than anywhere else in Wales. I have reduced the cost to families by spending your money wisely and cutting local taxes.

I want all communities in Powys, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire to be safe from crime. I will target our worst hit areas and work with local people to protect us all from crime. Rural crime must not become a forgotten burden on our towns and villages.

When our poorest and most vulnerable areas are safe, we are all safe. Safer areas are more prosperous, happier, better places to live, work, raise a family and retire.

My pledge to you:

Safer Communities
Strong communities protect themselves. Dyfed Powys is the safest area in the UK thanks to strong communities and dedicated local officers. I want communities to know their police officers and I want officers to know their communities. Small crimes and bad behaviour can wreck lives as much as major crimes. Antisocial driving and dangerous roads threaten us all. I want to tackle all crime, to nip small things in the bud and improve people’s lives. Preventing crime is everybody’s business.

I will:

  • Prioritise frontline officers, so they can prevent crime and deal with problems
  • Introduce Special Constables for every town, village and community that wants one, to keep them safe
  • Expand Community Speed Watch, to give people control to tackle speeding in their communities

Safer Homes
Home should be our sanctuary. I want to protect families and children from the damage of crime. Domestic abuse, sexual crimes, exploitation, violence, burglary, theft and harassment wreck lives where they should be safest – in the home. I want to improve support for victims and help strengthen families. I want to help break the cycle of crime and violence that passes from generation to generation.

I will:

  • Increase support for victims, to help them rebuild their lives
  • Ensure offenders right their wrongs and put their lives in order
  • Expand opportunities for volunteers, to support people to support each other

Safer Work
Safe, secure businesses create jobs. Small businesses are the bedrock of Dyfed and Powys. I want to protect them so that they grow our economy. Fraud, theft and vandalism cost businesses in direct losses and increased costs. Criminals can attack online, from anywhere in the world. Slavery and exploitation violate individual rights to free labour. I want to improve the police response to business crime and help businesses and workers protect themselves.

I will:

  • Introduce a business forum, to improve communication between business and law enforcement
  • Increase capacity to share digital evidence, so we investigate crime with the most advanced techniques
  • Improve reporting of business crimes, to increase investigations and prosecutions

Your Voice, Your Say, Your Safety

Local accountability through direct election has put you, the public, in charge of your police. Strong local accountability means better local services for you.

I believe there is a great deal more we can do. I want to see a revolution in local justice to match the revolution we have seen in local policing. I believe Wales can improve safety and save millions by joining up fire and police services. If elected, I will:

  • Lobby for powers to improve local justice, give victims their lives back and ensure offenders straighten out their lives
  • Continue to make the case for joint accountability for fire and police services, to protect our communities better and save money to spend on frontline officers

Your Money Protected

I will spend your money wisely. Public money does not belong to the government, it belongs to the public. I will spend every pound as if it were my own, so that it delivers value for you.

Your Police and Crime Commissioner is a powerful figure. They control hundreds of millions of pounds. They hire and fire chief constables. They are the person you can go to if something needs to change. They are the person you can sack if they don’t fix it. Who they are matters. Your vote matters.