I have never felt so uncomfortable about my country. Apart from relief, I can not share in the general enthusiasm […]
Can there be anything more heart-rending than watching your country dismember itself? Not long ago I was risking my life […]
Irene Curtis of the Superintendents’ Association is wrong to claim we need bigger police forces. Inevitably the argument is built […]
As in physics, so in politics. Every force in one direction meets opposing forces in the other. Reform produces counter […]
Below are some thoughts on what we can do to improve local justice. Over the last 18 months, Police and […]
You can do more with less. Figures showing a 2% fall in police officer numbers across the country last year […]
Here’s some good news. Recorded crime isn’t falling. Why good? It’s good because crime survey data (which can’t be fiddled) […]
I attended a dinner recently where the organised topics were professionalism and leadership in the police. We were an invited […]
Rural Policing and Justice – speech to Evidence Based Policing in Wales at Universities’ Police Science Institute, Cardiff University 19 May […]
One interesting observation from the Home Affairs Select Committee report on PCCs published today is that the role of Police […]