When was the last time you turned up in a stranger’s house and stayed the night? It’s not something we […]
I visited a small town the other day. You’ll know the type. One of our loveliest. It’s a market town […]
Discussions about ACPO’s future seem to have burst into the open, most prominently with a blog on the Daily Telegraph website by […]
Here’s a lesson in the art of Twitter: don’t send controversial tweets late at night. What on earth are all […]
Good news today on crime figures. After weeks of headlines about dodgy figures, we learn that crime fell 10% last […]
Do we want water cannon on the streets of mainland Britain? It seems that a surprising coalition of policing interests […]
Great news this week. Our application for funding from the new College of Policing will help us start the development […]
Prediction is a mug’s game. But then a politician’s job is to predict confidently what they cannot see and then […]
It’s already been a big week for us in Dyfed Powys. This week the Chief Constable launched a major programme […]
I’ve been far too slow in keeping this blog up to date, so I’ll keep this message simple: thank you. […]