It’s polling day! Don’t forget to vote. Today, you get your chance. You get your say on how we keep […]
Campaigning is tiring. Canvassing can be monotonous and demoralising one minute, unexpected and life-affirming the next. It changes with the […]
A couple of weeks ago I was sitting with support workers in a new sexual assault referral centre. We sat […]
On the wall of Llanidloes Town Council chamber is a copy of a charter from Elizabeth I. It grants liberties to […]
What makes you feel safe? Ask the public and this is the answer they will give: local officers. History tells […]
Now seems like a good time for reflection. I’m coming to the end of my term as Police and Crime […]
Who do you trust to keep you safe? That is the decision people across Wales face on May 5th. They […]
As we brace for the tail of Storm Jonas we should spare a thought for the emergency services. We saw […]
Antisocial driving off-roading can be as much of a blight for rural communities as bad driving on the road. This […]
“The police protect us. We will protect the police.” With those words, the Chancellor announced the government’s decision to protect […]