On Llandeilo’s newly restored Town Council is a plaque. It records that the building, now housing the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, was […]
Nick Alston, my Conservative colleague in Essex, is wrong to dismiss ‘bobbies on the beat’. He describes the language as […]
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. There can’t be many more valuable lessons in life. Farming […]
Our survey on firearms officers produced a huge response. We normally receive a few hundred responses to our polls. This time […]
Imagine you are shopping in Tesco. A police officer walks in to check up on the store. They say hello […]
Labour published their crime and justice pledges last week. We can expect party manifestos in the coming days. On one level, […]
If you live in Pembrokeshire, read this book. If you’re interested in rural crime, read this book. If you want […]
Small things matter. That is the message from the research we published this week, called Rural Connect. It looked at […]
Cardiff Bay ambitions for control of policing are dead. Or, if not dead, they have assumed zombie status, condemned to […]
Every now and then something jumps out at you in this job. It might be the distraught father of a […]