From a train near Swindon, slicing through the north Wiltshire Downs at 9 in the morning, to a stalwart band of leafleters and petitioners from Welshpool to Milford Haven…

Today is the launch of our campaign to elect the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed Powys. It’s sunny and my train is on time. In the context of this summer that’s a great start.

We have people out across Dyfed Powys today, with a petition to save our police helicopter and a pack explaining how we will cut crime and improve policing.

We have a fantastic chance to win this election. If we do, we will have the opportunity to make a huge difference to people’s lives across mid-Wales. We are fighting to

  • Stamp down on street crime and anti social behaviour
  • Keep police on the streets and prioritise community policing
  • Fight for 100% coverage of Dyfed Powys by police helicopter
  • Drive high professional standards in the police force
  • Deliver value for money to keep council tax low

We will expand on these policies as the campaign progresses. In the meantime, enjoy the campaign and let’s hope the weather (and the train) hold their course!


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