What do you want me do with money from speeding fines?

Do you want money to be ring fenced for road safety policing, like cameras? Or should we use it for general policing?

Let me know in a quick one-question survey here.

No one is ever happy when it comes to speeding fines. I can hear you muttering that they are ‘just a money raising device’ right now. Some might be saying they are a fair cop – and a way of improving driving. It usually depends on whether you’ve been caught.

At the moment, the situation is this. If you are caught within certain limits you are offered a course, which means you don’t get points. There are several courses depending on what you’ve done.

Let’s take the standard speed awareness course. It costs £85.

The money is spent as follows. At the moment £5 goes to administration of the national database that records who has done the course where. In Wales, £35 goes via me to the GoSafe partnership between police, local and Welsh government. They run the cameras. In Dyfed Powys £22.31 goes on setting up the courses – administration, venues, tutors, etc..

That leaves £22.69 per course. That money comes to me as Police and Crime Commissioner. I can spend it on policing or other crime prevention work.

Since May we have had 7,432 people on courses. That gives us £169k in Dyfed Powys. With other courses, like seat belt courses, 20mph speed courses and so on, we could have up to £500,000 in 2014/15.

That is the bit I would like your help on. Should we increase or reduce the amount going back into cameras?

Traditionally police keep money from road fines for road policing. That has the advantage that it ensures the money is spent on worthwhile aims.

But it has a problem. It makes people suspicious. It can add to the impression that fines are money raising, rather than safety, devices. It can also mean that you end up spending too much on roads policing, when you should spend it on something else.

Should we spend it on cycle or motorbike safety courses, for example? Or should we spend it on local officers or cyber crime specialists?

It’s over to you. What would you like me to do with fine money?

If you’re harbouring a secret rage, this is your chance. If you know someone else who might be, pass this on, encourage them to sign up and have your say.


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