News that the National Police Air Service want to close Pembrey air base is hugely disappointing. We signed an agreement […]
What do you want me do with money from speeding fines? Do you want money to be ring fenced for […]
Problems in the Welsh NHS are becoming inescapable. Missed targets – the worst for years – illustrate what anyone who works […]
Good news. On Friday my proposal to cut the tax local people pay for their policing gained approval. The Police […]
How much should we pay for policing our communities? That’s the question I’ve been asking over the past week. We […]
Below is an exchange of letters with Secured By Design, following an original letter from GK Strategy, a lobbying and PR firm, […]
Crime rises 17%! Crime is down 15%! A third of crime is not recorded! Lies, damn lies and statistics. Never […]
Is Big Brother broke? I’ve been grappling with this question repeatedly since Ceredigion County Council switched off their CCTV at […]
The tragic evidence revealed by the trial of John Lowe in Surrey remind us what a difficult job policing firearms is. […]
Usually people are too polite to put it that directly, but it’s always the question they want to ask. They are […]